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Heard you praying for forgiveness on my way outta town
Smoke was getting thicker, you were hanging upside down
From the seatbelt, dealing, trying to spare your skin
Get me out of this I swear I'll never do it again

I offered my assistance, you were slow to oblige
So I’m not the Holy Spirit but I got here in time
You don’t gotta sell to me, just don’t give it to Him
You nodded in agreement so I jumped right in

Tore the door off the hinges and I set you free
The fire in the engine touched the gasoline
I pointed to the wreckage burning out of control
Whispered, set your eyes on things below
Set your eyes on things below

We were wandering the desert when we met the first time
Wild animals and angels, forty days and forty nights
He was high up on a tower, I said, throw yourself down
If you’ve really got the power then you’ll never touch the ground

Make food out of these stones, have a little bread to eat
Hell, I’ll give you everything I own if you just bow your head to me
He called me by my first name, He ordered me away
Said, I’ll catch up with you and Judas, we’ll do this another day

He was hanging from a cross when I saw Him again
Said, it’s really such a loss man, we could have been friends
You drew a decent crowd and you put on a solid show
Now set your eyes on things below
Set your eyes on things below

You can call it temptation, you can call it a sin
Took a chance to take my place among the heavens again
If I can’t have that, I’ll have the next best thing
Make you set your eyes on things below



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Charlie Stout Lubbock, Texas

A native of West Virginia, now a resident of West Texas, Charlie Stout draws on experience as a photographer and filmmaker to write cinematic lyrics of life and death on the New American Frontier.


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